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    Name: Delilah Harris
    Nickname: Harris (she despises her first name)
    Age: 17
    Race: Hylian
    Weapon: Sword and shield

    Perks: Harris is very quick on her feet and is able to land multiple hits with her sword in a relatively short span of time. She has great stamina and doesn't tire very easily. Harris is quite well-spoken and tends to use "bigger" words that most people her age wouldn't use. She is wary of what other people's intentions are so she isn't easily tricked. Harris has a huge fascination with fire and likes to experiment burning different things and seeing what happens to them.

    Faults: Harris is painfully shy and will keep silent around people who make her uncomfortable. She gets angry very easily but will not show her anger around people she isn't familiar with. She has a dislike for people in general and can be hard to work with. Harris has a very low self-esteem and looks down on herself, but she acts conceited in order to mask that. She is also quite moody and can be happy at one moment, then overreacting over a small thing the next. Harris is very vulgar at times and will spew out bunches of profanities when she is in the midst of a blind rage. Harris is not the physically strongest person out there, so an attack of hers isn't exactly a one-hit KO type of thing. Sometimes, when you hang around Harris for enough time, you may notice that some of your things go missing...

    Appearance: Harris has fair skin and thick, pin-straight, light brown hair that reaches slightly past her shoulders. Her sly eyes are a light green that appear as if they'd belong on a cat's face rather than a Hylian's. She is about 5'6" tall and is of an average build, not fat or skinny or muscular. Harris keeps her nails trimmed extremely short and doesn't really go out of her way to make herself look good. She wears thick black leather boots, a black tunic and grey jean pants. Harris has a tightly strapped brown belt around her waist where she keeps her sword. She has a good sense of hygiene and is always sure to keep herself clean and not smelling like a ReDead's ass.

    Personality: Harris is very reserved around others and mostly keeps to herself. She has a bit of a problem with speaking to other people in fear that they may be secretly laughing at her. Despite her shyness, she is good at making eye contact and gives off an air of arrogance. She tends to have a strong dislike for outgoing and friendly people, possibly due to the fact that she is jealous of their ability to face others without trouble. Harris wouldn't say she fears people, she just doesn't like being ridiculed and is adamant about the idea that everyone is making fun of her behind her back.

    Harris has a very low self-esteem and constantly thinks badly about herself but she acts as conceited as she possibly can in hopes that nobody notices how she really feels. Harris believes that most everyone around her dislikes her and is plotting against her, which leads her to being constantly on guard. Harris, for a reason unknown even to herself, is a compulsive thief and will take things when nobody is watching. Not even people she likes are spared of this, and when they hang around her they notice that their things tend to go missing.

    When Harris warms up to somebody, she will act a lot more comfortable and will joke around more. Some people have always thought she was bipolar or something to that effect because she could be having a cold drink and laughing with friends, then the next moment she'll be yelling and getting upset at something someone said that rubbed her the wrong way. Then after that dispute she will continue what they were doing before as if it never happened. Harris makes sure to take good care of her friends and will defend them to the best of her abilities. As long as she isn't having an "off day" she is incredibly loyal and will stick by those she trusts, no matter what the costs. Harris is known to have risked severe injury when defending people.

    History: Harris was born in Kakariko Village and was raised with both her parents as an only child. Her parents were very kind people but Harris didn't seem to enjoy interacting with them all that much. She preferred to do things on her own or with a few select people. Harris practiced her swordsmanship by sparring with friends or sneaking out to Hyrule Field to fight the enemies that popped up. Growing up, she developed a sort of hatred for the Poes that frequented that field. Harris' life could be described as ordinary and dull and she had various points in her life where she would be hit with minor depression. Even with her shyness, she longed to do something interesting with her life and she just wasn't getting what she wanted.

    Harris continued sneaking out of her house at night to get into fights with creatures of the nighttime Hyrule Field, but other than that, Harris wasn't satisfied. She frequently told her friends she wanted to "leave this place" and go somewhere new, but she really didn't know where the hell she could go after she took off. She told herself that perhaps moving to Castle Town would spice her life up, but if it didn't she would feel foolish and then when she returned to her parents she would feel even worse. That was a risk she didn't want to take, so instead she stuck around.

    Ally: N/A

    Password: All Hail Vaati

    Proof of Loyalty: I promised you I wouldn't abandon you or this RP and let it die. I know it's easy to just say it, but… yeah.

    RP Sample: "You dumb little ****s, don't you realize I'll ****ing kill you no matter what you do?" Harris said, staring down the Poe that floated quietly above her. "Seriously, this is getting ****ing old." She leapt forward and slashed at the creature with her sword. One slash. Two slashes. Three slashes. The ghost wailed in defeat and disappeared, dropping its brilliant orange lantern onto the ground, the light source shattering and revealing the ghost's spirit. Harris stared at the soul, expressionless yet hungry for it. When she absorbed it, it made her feel more important. She took over the life that once belonged to something else, and then it became hers. Heck, even if she didn't swallow it she could do whatever the hell she wanted with it. Sell it for rupees or leave it there to rot. To make fun of the life that was no longer significant. Harris reached over and grabbed onto the soul, gazing down silently at it before stuffing it into her mouth and swallowing it. Pain surged through her throat and she coughed and gasped, kneeling down on one knee.

    Some of these souls were weaker than hers and made her feel like she was on top of the world; made her feel like the best damn person she could be. But this one… it was stronger than she and gave her pain for swallowing it. How dare you imply you're better than I. It was like a Cucco swallowing a Like-Like. It was unthinkable. Harris' throat stung terribly, though it was fair to say she was used to this. Sometimes the soul accepted its fate and sometimes it didn't. Harris stood up again and looked around the field. It had only just gotten dark about a half hour ago, and her parents didn't even know she had left the house. It was a sleepless night for Harris and her instinct was to leave home and fight. These sorry excuses for ghosts were easy enough to conquer, even when they did turn invisible. They had their ****ing lantern right there; how did they not expect to be detected? Dumbasses.

    Harris rubbed her face with her hand and began walking back home. Her plan didn't work out the way she had intended. She wanted to fight, fight, fight for as long as possible and then return home. Instead she took a long stroll around the empty, "dangerous" field that was Hyrule Field, fought one bloody Poe and was now heading back. Whatever, it's not like things will always turn out the way you plan. The sound of a giggle made its way to Harris' ear. It sounded menacing, taunting, though something about it told her it was another Poe. But no Poe she had encountered had ever sounded like this. It had a very depressing tone to it that almost made Harris feel even lower than usual. She turned around to look, but her eye only met the wide stretch of grass. Nothing else unusual was present. She wasn't dumb enough to just shrug it off as being the wind, but she turned and continued walking in hopes that the unknown entity would alert her of its presence once more. As expected, another sound. This sounded more like a Wolfos, however. This was strange. Harris couldn't recall ever seeing a Wolfos around here and she didn't expect to.

    She turned again knowing there wouldn't be anything staring back at her, but she was wrong. It was a bright, bright light in a giant circle. What the hell was this?! She so wanted to venture through it, to escape reality and find something bigger and better for herself. The problem was, she was afraid. Where was this going to lead her, and why was this even here? Before her eyes, multiple Poes appeared and at once made their way toward her. They pushed and nudged her closer and closer to the bright light, and it felt cold and stinging on Harris' skin. She wanted to protest and release herself from their grip, but that didn't seem to be a possibility. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak, she couldn't think. Then everything was white.
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