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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

See I've never heard a staff referred to as a stave in music so I was thinking like a stave as in a stake or something. Then I read 'played' as literally like played around, not played an instrument. That post was all sorts of nonsense to me hahah.
Hahaha that's quite funny.
It must be my Australian linguistics, it is to my understanding that it's staff in America and other countries but since I was little it's always been stave.

I have no idea if you're American or not but hey.
Other words you might find confusing from the Australian dictionary:
Boot - Trunk (like in a car)
Biscuit - Cookie
G-banger - Thong
Thong - Sandal I think? like on your feet at the beach shah.
Then there's the many synonyms for beer, hello, friend, not-friend, urination and female significant other, which are all very.. inappropriate for an internet forum.