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★ Team Masters ★
Hello, I'm PokemonMasters. I have been on PC since march . I have been hacking for at least 7 months now. I found out about hacking from Light Platinum so I did some research and found out that Light Platinum was a hack. Eversince then, I wated to make my own hack.

Current Project:
Pokemon Pokemon Blue Flames (Revived)
Hack of: RUBY (AXVE)

Hack features:

~ New Region
~ 4th and 5th Generation Pokemon
~ Fake-e-mon
~ Fun and Exciting Storyline
~ New Music
and much more....

Storyline: Keeping that a secret for now. Lets just say its "similar" to the original Blue Flames story.

The Team:

* PokemonMasters (Me): Mapper, Scripter, Storyline, etc
* Mikachu - OW Spriter
* Mavy42 - OW Spriter
* AlexTheRose - Scripter and Co-Mapper
* M.L - Door and Tile Animator
* Rpryor03 - Spriter
* .Parado✗ - Scripter and Tile Animator
* KirakonGxi - Fakemon Spriter and Music Hacker
* Gerokunz - Cry Inserter
* Pinkish Purple - Backup Cry Inserter and Scripter

- Title Screen Editor
- ASM Hacker
- Music Hacker
- Tile Spriter
- Spriter
- Scripter
- Pokemon Cry Inserter
- Door Animator
Application Form:
Hacking experience:
Time zone:
Main contact style:

+ForeverDash on PC's Battle Server | Pair | VM/PM |Partner In Crime