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[22:21] <Guest8305> I am a secret person
[22:21] <Guest8305> nobody knows who I am
[22:21] <Guest8305> They call me super secret man
[22:21] <Guest8305> or woman
[22:21] <Zet> you are the juice
[22:21] <Guest8305> cuz they don't know
[22:21] <rawr_im_a_dinosaur> I know who are ;D
[22:22] <Guest8305> You're all just guessing
[22:22] <Guest8305> you have no way of actually knowing
[22:22] <rawr_im_a_dinosaur> suuuuuuure lol
[22:22] <Zet> but I do know!
[22:22] <Zet> I whois'd you!
[22:22] <Guest8305> Well
[22:22] <Guest8305> umm
[22:22] <Guest8305> crap