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Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post

Lanturn was exactly what I was thinking about ^^ A water attack and it's over with it. Stunfisk's Attack and Spe.Attack are pretty low, it couldn't defend itself as it should against an electric type that can face the ground type. Besides Stunfisk kind of reminds me of Lanturn, in the sense that they've both awesome double-types, but aren't actually that strong. So despite their great double-types, they wouldn't last too long. First Stunfisk would get KOed by Lanturn, and then it would be Lanturn's turn against any other Electric-type.
I suppose that's a decent reason haha. Although considering Stunfisk spends most of it's time under water, perhaps Water attacks wouldn't actually do that much damage to it? o3o Stunfisk's an interesting one in that respect, it really feels like it should have a third typing haha. I suppose if they're both living in the water and Water attacks are super effective against Stunfisk, Lanturn probably would win, but assuming they didn't run into each other before Lanturn was fainted he'd be unstoppable ;)

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Meee I have pictures suggestions. What do you think of one of these ones?
Perfect, thanks! I've put one up on the front page :)

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Name: Cirno
Partner: Emolga

If all the Electric type Pokémon entered a battle royale, which would win and which would be KOed first?

As stated already, I really can't see Pichu lasting too long. D/ It's tiny and has horrendous HP/defenses, so it'd surely be the first to lose lmao. Legends aside, I think Lanturn has a good shot at emerging victorious since it's really bulky and has can even have Volt Absorb for its ability~
Hi Cirno, welcome to the club - wonderful to have you here n.n Ohhh, I completely forgot about Lanturn's Volt Absorb :o In that case I take it back, Lanturn would probably stand a very decent chance indeed haha. Something like Electivire or Eelektross will probably be able to do it a lot of damage with their incredibly diverse move pools, but given that Lanturn's a pretty bulky Pokémon I reckon it could stand a fair chance of coming out on top with Volt Absorb! Clever thinking haha.

Also what made you choose Emolga as a partner? :D

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
As for who would win, I'd see Eelektross do it cos of its good movepool and Levitate giving it no weaknesses.
I'd agree with you here, Eelektross is a huge contender imo. It has powerful Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Bug, Rock, Steel, Grass (if you count Grass Knot), Dragon, and Fighting moves, so with that ridiculous amount of coverage (seriously I never realised it was that diverse o.o), I'm certain it would have appropriate moves to take down 90% of it's enemies and come out victorious :p

By the way, if anyone has another discussion they'd like to bring up then feel free to do so at any time :)