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    Originally Posted by Pike15 View Post
    i know you cant do it yet. But im wondering if you gonna be able to fully map route so we can make a r/s/e remake
    Editing map models (trees, water, grass, etc) is possible. However, as Gen IV started making maps in full 3D, not 2D tiles, editing is harder and it would require a 3D modeller to be made from scratch. That's very hard, and it would always be inferior to modelling software like Maya, 3ds max or Sketchup.

    So the best thing we can do is either use Nintendo plugins and expensive software like 3ds max, or make plugins for a free modeller like Blender or Sketchup. Making a brand-new editor is a waste of time.

    In case someone is interested in making new maps with the current version of the tool, you'll need Maya 6/3ds max 8, Nintendo plugins (I can't give you links because it's like liking a rom) and a tool to convert from nsbmd to obj (MKDS Course Modifier or nsbmdtool). The procedure would be:
    1. Extract the nsbmd section of the map you want to edit.
    2. Convert the model to obj.
    3. Open and edit the model in a 3D software.
    4. Export it with Nintendo plugins.
    5. Convert the file to nsbmd with a tool included with the plugins.
    6. Import the nsbmd to the map.
    That's it. It sounds easy, but some steps are impossible to do legally unless you're super rich.
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