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Originally Posted by xxbamxx View Post
Two things I'm not sure if they were intentional or not, in the first picture, Mt. Skywall in the direction of battling Team Mirage there's an 'invisible wall' in the marked area blocking off a path to and item.

Second picture, one of the Trick House events (if you're like me and want to battle everyone) if you battle this female trainer your only exit is blocked off and have no way out.

Read "Edit:" Also you might want to take a look at all the trick house events same section as second picture there's an 'invisible wall' blocking off the door, same line the item is on. It's the only door I can't get into and it has to be the way through the rest of the path.

Edit: Don't know what I did but Trick House started working right for me. It's really glitchy on my computer, could just be me.
Thanks for reported these,and now I've fixed this and released the fixed version.
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