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    I had an idea like this a few months ago but it is a bit different.

    My idea is similar to yours in that everybody has a special electronic device which records their wealth, except in my idea they are heart-shaped because hearts are more aesthetically pleasing. These devices record whenever you do a helpful deed and subsequently add to your sum of 'Goodness Points'. 'Goodness Points' are the basis of the economy - you spend them to buy things.

    The helpfulness of your actions determines how many Goodness Points you earn. For example, doing small chores around the house would earn you a very small number of Goodness Points - perhaps just enough to buy some mints and a few buttons, the same as pocket money in our current economic system.

    Doing actual work for a company would earn you a lot more Goodness Points because you are helping society in general rather than just your immediate family. People with extremely important jobs like managers and company owners would earn even more Goodness Points, because they are holding together the business structures which support society.

    However, if a person does a bad deed they lose some of their Goodness Points. The severity of your bad deed determines how many points you lose - a cruel older brother who picks on his sister will lose just a few Goodness Points (though she will insist he should lose more), whereas a company manager who steals from the pension fund will lose most or perhaps all of his Goodness Points.

    My idea of Goodness Points would prevent many of the problems which plague our current economic system. For example, people would no longer be able to steal wealth because stealing is bad and you would lose Goodness Points if you attempted it. Also countries would no longer fight wars for economic gain because you would lose all of your Goodness Points as soon as you start killing people.

    This is my idea. If you do not understand it here is a helpful visual aid:

    What do you think of my idea?

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