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Originally Posted by Impo View Post
I'd like to join!

I love Ace Attorney, and right now I am so hyped for AA5 AAvPL for the 3DS
I'm a little upset that Maya's being replaced, but Phoenix's new sidekick looks pretty cool.

I really want to play AAI2 but I don't know Japanese damn it's taunting me so much

And my favourite character is Pearl Fey, and the Fey clan as a whole is a great storyline SO MUCH LOVE
I'm hyped about AA and AAvsPL myself~ The gameplay on AAvPL looks amazing. <3 Well, I plan to make a Let's Play! of AAI2 with the translations, so if you want to see that when it comes, by all means.. :3

Pearl is a cutie~ Her music is pretty easy-going too. <3

Mind if I give another topic question?

What case(s) from the Ace Attorney Games is your favorite and why? What case(s) were your least faovurite?

For me, it's always been Case 5 from A&A. It's the infamous case on why A&A became SO epic. If you've played the game, you'll know why~!
As for my least favourite? It'd have to be Case 3 from Ace Attorney Justice for all. TBH, it was kind of tedious and random as hell. u-u

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