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    Well, I have gone ahead and started a walkthrough for this game after some thought on the formatting (I haven't decided whether to do an ASCII art of the title yet and that will be something new to me, but I'll accept contributions).

    I have created my own version of a title bar for each section and so far spaced everything out nicely for the first section of the game, which concludes with Jessica's Gym. I have decided to use the existing video playthrough to help me with formulating my own strategies and will then write the playthrough based on my own battle experience. I may ruin a surprise or two this way, but I like to think I'll be equally surprised in the video. I'm eager to see the player's reaction to the two Snorlax on the bridge; I recall my reaction was that it was awesome animation. :D

    New question: I know we get the Good Rod on Route 404 by listening to the fisherguy babble. If we bypass that, is there an Old Rod somewhere? I see stuff in place for the Old Rod, but obviously that may have just been filler as mandatory for the editor. Also, in Yellow Town and Central City, there is no wild Pokémon data either surfing or fishing; can this be game-crashing because the game doesn't have data for it? Same question for the Safari Zone; there is a water patch on one map with no Pokémon in it, that being the Meadow Zone; the Desert Zone does have Psyduck and the Goldeen chain around, as well as Magikarp, and the Ice Zone hilariously has them as well with the water frozen over. Finally, is the Super Rod in the game?

    As a final note, Bug Catcher José appears to travel to Route 404 ahead of the player; it would be neat if he inexplicably vanishes from his spot just northwest of Yellow Town after one of the many events in order to give some realism to his appearance. I noticed he now has only one Metapod instead of two Caterpie, he traded his two Venipede for a Spinarak, and he apparently found a Pinsir in the tree himself.

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