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    For others to know, I answered the other three messages by replying to the persons instead of quoting here.

    Originally Posted by Pokefanbabu View Post
    When beta 4.0 will release??? Is super onix is catchable in beta 3.1???
    I don't know when beta 4 will be released, perhaps sometime during the next year. Super Onix is not catcable in beta 3.1 but will be in the next release that is up.

    About that release, I've thought about it and feel that it's a good idea to have sort of a "pre-beta 4" before releasing the actual Beta 4.0. This is because I want the game to be as good as it possibly can when I release Beta 4 and there are lots of those guys out there who simply upload the rom file of Beta 4.0 in internet after I've finished it and most people wouldn't get update (4.1) for it if that was needed. So yeah, there will likely be a "pre-beta 4" up one day but I can't say anything more about it yet.
    This is also due to following two reasons:

    1) I may have to change the name of the hack and need opinions of those who have finished this pre-beta 4 (beta 3 won't do which you'll see for yourself too after you've finished this one: "Simply, why is the hack called Dark Future anyway? I want there to be a meaning (yet one that won't spoil much) behind the name.")
    2) There are a couple of places that need additional testing

    So yeah, there we go for now.

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