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    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    @KikNaks and others, I really do feel your concern about of alot of things in my project but I will still clarify for you about a few things...First...
    A GDD is just a shorten name for "Game Design Document" in fact,I have a case that has all my concepts in it as I will show the pictures later....

    When I see on here and play other fanmade games(made by fans)/fangames(hacked ROM games)...My dream is to change the part that Pokemon has to be repetitive to be enjoyed but the repetitive nature can only go on for so long before each game that comes up is just like the last and people will not buy or play the same thing over and over again will they? I feel that perhaps you and me are not seeing eye to eye because I plan to do something so different that you would not to know what to think of it...I want to break the repetitive cycle that playing the same thing over and over again can be fun because it really isn't fun.....When I am on here looking at the fangames and fan made Pokemon games...They all look allmost the same...same gameplay mechanics,same or simuler battle system and also that they are well...Pokemon.

    ...Pokemon Battle Network throws everything out the window! Th PKMN BN games will change everything you think about Pokemon by doing things differently...all the way to the battle system...In Pokemon Battle Network,you cant not win at battles by using Version mechanics of just selecting just one of four moves and letting your Pokemon sit there and get hit....The battle system in PKMN BN will need the player to actually fully control how the Pokemon battles,how that Pokemon evades attacks,how that Pokemon attacks...What up to 5 attacks(could use at one time) will you have your Pokemon use...Would it be nice if you could combine,fire and water attacks and make combos attacks...Would you like to make your Pokemon attacks much more powerful like a FlashCannon becoming a PlasmaCannon or HammerArm becoming a GaiaHammer? Would you like to have for the first time,full control of your Pokemon like Pokemon trainers do?

    So for now I will just post pictures after pictures after pictures...I know that change can be hard to deal with but we can do this...I will not stop untill this happens
    You're acting like the fact that I think your plot makes no sense is down to the fact that I'm against breaking the norm. It's actually due to the fact that your ideas are incongruous and don't add anything to the experience at all. Yes, I think you have gone too far, but that isn't to say that I wouldn't like something equally different but more coherent.

    And, to answer your questions, no, I wouldn't like my 'mons to do that. Have you considered how you're going to balance combo attacks at all? Again, excuse my ignorance about the Mega Man element; I'm perfectly happy to believe that the battle system you're borrowing from that has all of these things, and in that case it's probably fine, but take great care not to make it too complicated and unwieldy.

    You've also ignored the parts of my post about the practicality of this project, which are the key ones, in my opinion. You will need to try to learn some skills if this is going to get anywhere.