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    Team Name: Team Akai


    Team Akai (the Japanese word for Red with an 「い」 suffix) will be working on hacks with less radical storylines, but still with something different. By that I mean that the team is unlikely to make any games with new Pokemon (though maybe with new 'mons in old games), nor will we simply make a “standard” hack with confused plots. Everything made by us will be guaranteed for quality, giving fine eye to detail and perfection. We will be making hacks of Generation II games (specifically Crystal, for it is the best in terms of capabilities).

    Red 2
    A continuation of Pokemon Red in which the player continues the story of Red on his journey to Johto. This bridges the gap between R(G)BY and GSC with new plots, rivals, battles and Team Rocket schemes.

    When applying, please either e-mail (this is preferable) [email protected] or post below, using the below layout…


    Time Zone:
    Flexibility of Hacking:
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    Previous Work:

    *List as many as you can