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    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    My username is "NikNaks" with two Ns.

    At no point did I say that I wanted this to fail. What I want is for you to make a game that people would want to play, instead of a mess of disjointed ideas. I don't think you're taking any of what I'm actually saying on board, so I'm not going to bother replying any more. Please listen to advice. I'm out.
    Very well then...Yeap yeap, ill have been listening to the advice...I allways do in the first place...Just that all of my ideas are usually disorganized and takes a while for me to get everything together which I just started to do now a few weeks ago...

    Why I thought that was how you put in your advice,how you made it sound...I see things realistically and with common sense...

    Ok, since you think you know alot...What do you think should be done about Pokemon Battle Network? Remember you have to throw out the usual Pokemon formula for this to work...
    What do you think then on?
    Just asking....

    Oh...I understand you got alot of other things to worry about so I understand why your out...In that case,ill still just keep on adding to the Pokemon Battle Network GDD...

    In that case now that the smoke has cleared...Ill be uploading this time the concept art on how the battle system will work in this fan made game tomarrow and alot of other stuff but im still here to take in advice as I have been but one person did a rage quit for not seeing things(I warned you that we need to see eye to eye or we might fight alot)


    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    lol NikNaks gets carried away sometimes. He used to be in my team before he quit for a stupid reason. But still, he is making a few points. And when he said he would want to be proven wrong, it was about that Pokemon MMOs still exist, not about your game.

    Intro to Computer Science is not enough to make a game. You'd still need to take at least two courses after that, which would be Data Structures and Algorithms and/or a Software Analysis and Design class. Either that, or you work really hard. It takes months before programming clicks.
    Yea,I kind of figured that my class isn't even close to enough(my teacher warned me that a video game of this magnitude will require skills that I may not have even heard of before...but again,I love to play around with things about computers and I love video games and want to make something amazing so instead of taking a Basic Computer Concepts class...I took the Intro class and I feel that even that class maybe too easy for me but the programming part...Which I just started to do and I kind of get it but then I kind of don't at the same time...But really fun.

    Edit: I forgot to say that this isnt a MMO but will be a fully featured PC download/so called "demo" game like what the Megaman Battle Network Chrono X game is