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    Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
    New Topic:

    Fire Blast or Flamethrower. Which move is best in competitive battling and why?
    Try to answer the topic in that post, because it was only a New Topic.


    Flamethrower has less attack but more Accuracy - It has a fine amount of PP and is quite a trustworthy move. Lots of Fire-Types can learn it while leveling up, and it could be taught to a Pokemon through TM as well (Since Generation III). Flamethrower is not that good for All-Out One on one Pokemon Battles (Competitive Battling). It can be quite useful for other battles though. But one thing - NEVER use Flamethrower on Special Walls, Dragon-Types or Water-Types. Also Dragon-Types could learn this.

    Fire Blast:

    The strongest of the two, and the one with less Accuracy, this move is VERY good for All-Out One on One Pokemon Battles, AKA Competitive Battling. It can be learned through TM and although it has little PP, it is a very strong move to use which would affect even the strongest of Walls with quite a lot of damage worth it's power. Fire Plate combined with this can be very powerful. This helped my Charizard through a lot of battles - It also still helps my Charizard today. It could be taught to a LOT of Pokemon, Fire-Type or not, and if you know how to use it, it is VERY powerful. Basically, my opinion in a nutshell, is that Fire Blast can be incredible, but it has it's terrible side too. Otherwise, whether to use/like Fire Blast is your choice.

    The Best Of Them Both:

    For me it would always be Fire Blast, unlike many other people. I have my Pokemon fight Strategically, Powerfully, and also Defensively. So that means, Fire Blast comes in use there more than Flamethrower will ever do. Even if Fire Blast has less Accuracy and less PP, it will always serve some sort of purpose in battle. Fire Blast is technically just a stronger Fire Blast with more limited use in a nutshell.