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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Academy Grounds

Oh, how this was an awkward situation... There wasn't many ways to tell someone to go away and sound nice at the same time. But maybe if you- HOLY S*** WHAT WAS THAT?! Maxwell stared at the scene before him, Sapphire had shot some water at the blue dog-thing, probably because she tried to protect Genevieve. After all, she wasn't in too good of a memtal state to handle strangers right now he presumed. However, instead of letting his Pokémon take the hit, the guy just... JUMPED IN FRONT OF THE ATTACK. Seriously? What the heck was he thinking? Pokémon are usually more prone to be able to take an attack without getting more than knocked back and a bit injured, but a human could get severemy damaged! They didn't have the right physiology for that! This either showed that the dude was pretty reckless or had a strong bond with his Pokémon, it was probably both though.

"Honch, Honch."(The kid is reckless. If he would try to pull this stunt more often, he'd be meat to the Rattatas eventually.) As if he came out of nowhere, Hugin spoke as he sat perched atop Maxwell's shoulder. The crow decided to refrain from saying anything about the monkey. After all, her Trainer had just lost a family member, someone she probably cared about. You don't try to upset people in those kinds of situations, it's immoral. Hence why Hugin decided to give Genevieve a break with his angry caws.

The Dark/Flying-type hopped down again and began to trot over to the guy, if he was dead - or dying - he'd maybe make for some interesting valubles and- Hugin tried to push out the thoughts of greed from his brain. Even though it was hard consodering his species, the Honchkrow soon resumed being serious.

Maxwell eyed Hugin in a manner as if to say, "Don't even think about it." while Hugin just let out a small noise and began picking on the ground in search for consumables. The teen was veey worried for this guy, he had coughed up a bit of blood earlier and that wasn't exactly a sign of how good you were feeling at the moment.

"Should we..." Maxwell's voice was a bit hesitant, "like, DO something?"
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