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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
On the side of behaviour this is largely to do with our society. We live in a world that idolises people who do nothing but get drunk, take drugs, flash their genitals to the camera and sleep around. The media makes these things a big deal and this has a negative affect on young people. I'm not saying that all tv should be censored or the internet shut down, on the contrary I don't see the point since they'll hear it/see it somewhere else if not on tv or the net. I personally believe that the fault lies with authority figures and parents who don't do enough to teach their children how to behave responsibly and look after themselves.
I agree that kids "grow up to fast" today, if you want to put it that way. I wouldn't, really. I don't see being immature to mean you're grown up, quite the opposite in fact. Regardless, I don't blame celebrities or the media. I blame those like their parents or teachers or anyone else who is supposed to be an actual role model. Too many of them now subscribe to cliches like "oh, they're just kids", "let them have a little fun", "they'll grow out of it", "its just a phase", "boys will be boys". All nonsense, all just ways burying their heads in the sand. Be a parent, not a friend. Learn the word "no" and get them to smarten up and actually grow up.

Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Long story short I want know why the ten to thirteen-year-olds I coach have phones, ipods and, laptops dress like hookers and act nearly as bad (It's not all of them but the majority). I want to know if you think a bigger effort needs to be put into counteracting all this or if those who share my view (and myself) are overreacting.
I see no problem with teens or kids having phones, laptops, or iPods but I think its age and family dependent. Phones, once they're in high school for example. iPods are fine for little kids - put some kid sing a long music on their and some friendly apps and everything is okay.
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