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    Josh turned over, yawning. He had slept well. As he got up, he looked around the empty structure that he called home. There was only one other inhabitant, a Roman named Jason, and he was off on some crazy ass quest to do something in Greece. He gave Ralax a slight shock, which made him stir, and get up. He stretched and stepped of the bed that he had adopted.

    "C'mon, it's time for breakfast. Get up." Josh told the Luxray, seeing that he was begining to drift off again.

    Im up, I just wish to rest a bit more... Ralax's last word were engulfed in a yawn.

    "Get up." This time, Josh didn't go as easy on the electricity. As Josh zapped Ralax, the Luxray's eyes snapped open, and he pounced on Josh, knocking him to the floor. They stayed in the same position for a few moments, then they both began laughing hard. It was a few minutes before either could get up.

    "Well, that was fun." Josh said to Ralax, who nodded, still in the grip of the giggles. "Shall we be off? I feel quite hungry."

    Yes... Oh the look on your face! It was hilarious! Ralax showed him a mental image of his face, contorted with fear. They both started laughing once again.

    They soon stepped outside, and beheld the rest of the camp. They walked in the direction of the dining hall, and sat at one of the empty tables. Soon enough, a satyr walked up, looking exited.

    "Hey! My best buddies! How are you all doing?" The boisterous satyr almost yelled.

    "Good morning Sylvester. I doo belive that we are okay. Could you go get us an egg casserole and a breakfast burrito?" Josh asked, handing him a coin to pay for his service. Buy what you want with that."

    "Thanks my brother! Your breakfast shall arrive shortly!" Sylvester shouted, bounding torwards the kitchen. Ralax bared his fangs at his back.

    "What was that for? You know he's a good guy." Josh asked Ralax.

    He is especially annoying today. Ralax said, easing Josh immensely.

    Soon, Sylvester was back, carrying two plates. He placed it onto the table, and patted Ralax on the head. At this, Ralax growled, which caused the Satyr to back off.

    I am going to rip his throat out the next time he tries something like that. I'd like to see his face then... Ralax showed him an imaginary image of his face, twisted in a comical way. They both once again started laughing, if not a bit harder than before.

    After breakfast, Josh brought the intentional leftovers to Zeus' tray, and put the food in, thinking a quick Hey dad, hope your doing well before walking away. Going to the training grounds, he stopped at his cabin to pick up his sword, which he never fought without. It had gotten him out of quite a few scrapes before, he wasn't about to leave it behind.
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