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    Bob's parents went on a honeymoon. Vanessa is having a sleepover. Rick went to his friend, and Bob is going to Derek's house. When Bob's parents left, Bob then quickly dashed out of his house and ran to Derek's house.

    "Bob! Remember what we are going to do to Vanessa and her friends?" Derek said sarcastically.
    "Yeah, that robotic bunny, they will think it's harmless, then it will start attacking them!" mocked Bob, with a snicker.

    "I got the bunny and the remote!"

    Vanessa was waiting at the front of the house. Then her quietly walked to her house and knocked the door. Vanessa then opened the door, she was happy.

    "Hey V! Are your parents home?"

    "No, they just left for their honeymoon for a week."

    "And is that super nasal geek here? He irritates me."

    "Bobo just left? You get it? Bobo, Bob is just a stupid hobo, and a stupid lowlife brother!"

    Bob and Derek saw them talking as their were laughing about Bob. They went upstairs to Vanessa's room. Bob and Derek went to a tree. They quietly walked to her bed and placed the bunny at Vanessa's laptop as they went back to the tree. When they saw, they were attracted by the bunny's cute appearence.

    "Aw what a cute white bunny! It's so white as snow and ice cream! Vanessa did you just buy this!"

    "No, I never had, but I would own it. I think my mom wanted me to have it."

    When the bunny stopped touching it's feet, it stared at Vanessa with an evil grin. It then jumped to her friends, ripping their hair and their clothes. Vanessa got Bob's baseball bat at her drawer and smashed it.

    "It's not a cute one all right.... and I know who's responsible for this...." Vanessa saw a tracking chip, it went to Bob. Vanessa just jumped out of the window, and bit Bob's head hard!

    Bob screamed, blood came out of his head like a water fountain, she then beat him up, and he fell out of the tree. She saw Derek, she did a bicycle kick on his stomach, he fell down on Bob. So much of them were laughing as they see Bob and Derek being abused. Blood leaked of them at a fast pace.

    "Bob is so annoying and boring at the same time!"

    "I know! Why do I have him as a brother!? He never helped me and I always help him! What a baby! He doesn't know who JB is!"

    "What!? What a super geek. Who likes Pokemon and Ben 10. What kiddie shows!"

    Bob then opened the door. He came to Vanessa, he then punched Vanessa and hurts her. She then went on a tantrum. She had it with Bob. She punched Derek to a tree, he passed out.

    Bob then jumped on to Vanessa and started attacking her. They rolled out each other, when Bob accidentally spit on her, she then get more angry, she got hotter. A fissure happened. Bob then got scared.

    She thrashed him. Punched him in the mouth, kicked him in the balls, bit him in the eyes, choked his neck, etc. Bob then pushed Vanessa and grabbed Derek and ran away. They ran out of the house, they ran for 1 hour, to the woods, when there was a dead end, she was going to attack him, but a bear came.

    The bear slashed Vanessa's stomach, blood came out, she bit her, and she tried eating her, Vanessa grabbed the mouth, when she was about to be eaten, she then kicked the bear and ran away. Then the bear body slammed her, 600 pounds of a bear, and she slashed her so many times, Vanessa passed out, in blood. Blood soaked out. And the bear threw her out of the woods. Bob and Derek ran back home.
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