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Charlie Fitzpatrick
Academy Hallways

Charlie could hear the powerful Pokémon's cries and started to follow them, hoping that he would be led to whatever the seven hells was going on at the Academy. However, he was stopped in his tracks by a Lucario, and a very familiar one. They had both met each other before, back at his office.

"Charles-- I-it's Aaron. Please, follow me. Quickly!" the Lucario said.

Knowing from the Lucario's tone that it was something serious, he ran after the Lucario, hoping that that Aaron kid was okay. Eventually, Charlie could recognise the sharp dresser in distress at a distance, and he looked like he had suffered a very hard attack.

"Hey!" Charlie said whiel rushing over to the kid, "Damn. What happened here?"
Jimmy Vincent & Alice Crenshaw
Academy Hallways

Pokémon cries could still be heard, and it was no trouble for Biff the maroon Houndour to track down where it came from. With its acute hearing it sprinted across the hallways, followed by Kaida, Smokey, and their human partners. Jimmy grabbed Rosalyn's hand when Biff started to run faster, in order for them to keep up, while Alice just ran, trying very hard to keep up.

"Wow...this..." she said between gasps, "...reminds me of my first class!"

Jimmy made no comment, and continued to follow Biff until he came to a stop. Before everyone's eyes were a girl battling a suspicious-looking boy with singed clothing. Their Pokémon were a Haxorus and a Swampert, respèctively. It seemed an epic battle was going on, and Jimmy smirked. Kaida wanted to go near the Haxorus, but smokey blocked her path.

"Stay here. For the best." the Weezing said.
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