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    *Fixed upon request*

    Abagail "Gale" Sirknight
    Night the Gardevoir

    Abagail slammed the door of the laboratory so hard that the building itself shook violently for a few seconds. "F*** your research, I QUIT!!" She quickly stormed off, and it took a matter of moments for her to leave town and meet the first route.

    Night hovered behind her. That man was a... What do you call those people?

    "A douchebag? I know."

    I... Don't think that was the word, but okay.

    Gale sighed a little bit and shrugged. "I wish I could have done something just to p*** that idiot off."

    Night only smiled, and tossed a bag to her.

    Gale caught the bag with ease and gave it an odd look. "Night, what is thi--"

    I found it on his personal desk, and decided he'd be better off without it. Night formed a wide smile.

    Gale began to smile and laugh happily. She hugged Night while they walked and spoke cheerfully, "Gosh I love you sis. So, what do we do with it?"

    Well, all that's in it is a bunch of letters to some people, but they look important. Night did a satisfied twirl in the air. But it's a nice looking bag, and we can use it to carry things!

    "Well, it does look fashionable." She smirked and pulled it up over her shoulders. "Who knows, maybe we'll find out who the letters are for. And that could put them in our debt~!"

    The two laughed, and continued onto the seventeenth route. She could see someone, so she decided to move toward the person, in hopes that this might be one of the trainers going to explore the region.

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