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    Walking into the stadium doors with his gardevoir by his side he begins to look around his eyes begin to look around trying to find any people to ask about the tournament and where he can sign up for it.

    His gardevoir looks at him with a look of discomfort since she has not been in a stadium before and this was her first time to be so far away from the viridian forest. Cole then pulls the gardevoir close " Hey it's alright's just a building with just some flashy lights it isnt gonna kill you." he then smiles at the gardevoir in which the gardevoir returns the smile.

    "Now come on it's getting late just let me sign us up and head up to our room i think ralts and kirlia might want some time to stretch as well."

    He then proceeds to head to the receptionists desk with gardevoir following behind him. "Uhm..hello?" he said with while placing his hand on the counter. "Oh!..uhm yes may i help you sir?" she said in reply to him "Yes i'm here to enter the tournament" He said with an excited voice as he pound his fist on the table. "Well isnt it abit late to sign up? i mean it's the middle of the night." she said with an annoyed voice "Uhm..well..yeah i guess so.." he said with dissapointment in his voice "" she sighed as she gave him the sign up paper "But do it quick some of us would like to go home and sleep"."Oh uhm..thank you" he said taking the paper and sitting down in a near by chair. A few minutes later he returns the paper to the receptionist and began to head out the door with his gardevoir behind him.

    His stomach began to gurgle with hunger "Gah!" he then held his stomach as so did the gardevoir feeling her masters emotions. "Heh..seems were both abit hungry well how about we go over to that place to get some food and a goodnights rest!". He said as he pointed his finger towards the big house next to the "time" part of the arena.

    His gardevoir then hugged him tired and worn out from a long day. He then blushed and took her off her feet carrying her "Jeez were you always this heavy?" he jokingly said as the gardevoir punched his shoulder "Gah aha i was just joking jeez..." he then started to walk towards the house with the gardevoir in his arms to get a nights rest to prepare himself for what wait the tomorrow.
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