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    I'm putting a team together, very slowly, as I learn. I have an idea for a suicide lead, but, I need to know how to get its health as high as possible. Do I need IVs or EVs and is there an item that promotes health growth? I've done some research and I don't fully understand IVs and EVs and can't seem to find any items that promote health gain, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Any and all help would be great.

    I need at least three turns to utilize its move set. I was thinking 252 Health 252 attack and 6 in one of the defenses.

    Move set on the edit..

    EVs haven't been figured out yet but I want high hp and whatever is left split between its already decently high sp.d and def
    nature undetermined/ I could go with calm/sassy/careful +sp.d with no damage to its defense
    ability heatproof
    item undetermined
    stealth rock
    undetermined/dream eater/toxic

    kind of a stall and suicide deal goin' on there
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