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    Team Name: Team Special Adventures (See what I did there?)
    Team Leader: TheAgentBrandon
    Current Members: Me.
    Current Game Title: Pokemon: Indigo Showdown (Based off the Pokemon Kanto Manga)
    Current Progress Made: I've made a lot of maps and cut scenes. I have done this all the way up to the completion of the first Pokemon Gym in Pewter City. If you need proof of my progress check my YouTube videos in my thread for the game.
    Positions needed: I'm in dire need of a spriter. Someone who can help me out with cut scenes for the game would also be nice (You'd need experience with RPG Maker XP for this).
    Timezone: Central Time. Your timezone is not a concern to me though.
    Preferred Contact Method: PM me on this site or send me an email. ([email protected]) I check both of these everyday. But I do check PokeCommunity more often so I do prefer this the most.
    Additional Information: If you are worried about how dedicated I am for this project it should NOT be a concern. I've worked on this project for 2 weeks and I already 5 rounds/40 completed in the manga (So if you do the math I'm 1/8 done with the game). If you are my spriter I won't be asking for to much so if you're worried about having to use all your free time on this, don't be. I would like a scripter just for the fact that I don't know everything there is to know about making cut scenes. So though it is not as needed as spriters it would still be really, really appreciated. Thanks for reading!
    Link to my thread:
    This thread includes some screenshots, but you can really see the progress I've made by looking at the YouTube videos. Okay guys, thanks for reading. I don't want this fan game to be like a good majority of them and to be given up on. I work 3-4 hours on this everyday and hope to have it completed by Winter Break (I might be to ambitious about this, but hey a man can dream can't he? )
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