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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Hallway

    Both Scizors continued to lead the way through the hallways, eyeing every corridor and doorway just to make sure their charges would remain safe. On the other hand Diana was struggling to keep up since she really wasn't used to this high speed and running in this form either. Eventually the group reached the commotion. Lucia watched as the blue behemoth was hitting what looked like a dragon. She could recognize the blue pokemon, it was a Swampert. Her father had one, although the dragon type she hadn't seen before. She also knew that battling in the hallways was against the rules, why was this girl battling this guy? Did they get into an argument or something?


    Lucia saw Mark nearby. "Mark? What's going on?" She asked. Apparently if he knew this girl then he would know what she was doing and no doubt who the boy was also.

    Both Scizors had placed themselves in front of the siblings. They had their clawed hands out and ready to deliver some attacks if any of the battlers would dare send an attack their direction. Eric frowned, "Battling in the hallways, this has got to be against school policy. Abdacus, keep an eye on those two. Get defense mechanic three ready just in case." The Scizor gave a quick nod to his trainer as he tensed up, his eyes locked onto the two battlers.

    Lucia frowned, "Should we intervene?"

    Eric smirked, "If we do, then Jenson has the skills needed to stop this." He said as he grabbed pokeball and held it.
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