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Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
Alright, but that did not answer the question if I can do it on an emulator or not, but without trading with other people, since I will probably try to clear the game in 1 shot whenever I got a few free hours.

And I'm still trying to puzzle out a possibility to monotype this XD

It would be possible if I could just keep an ingame traded pokemon in the team, but not use it in battles.. Is that allowed?
I feel like I speak for Syddy when I say that you may use an emulator. The only somewhat sensible argument that I've heard why you shouldn't use an emulator is that it "takes away the pain of having to train for hours and hours, and with the speed up button you can get it done in a couple of minutes, so you're less likely to give up." And we don't want you to give up, that's just stupid.

Tl;dr yes, you can use emulators, just no hacking yadayada.