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Kilik Chambers - Academy Hallways

Perhaps I should've told you this when I stumbled upon Valorie & her blue Zorua. Well, she was being attacked by some kid & his big blue Pokemon. Believe me? Well, you should. She was fighting back with her Haxorus. Two strong Pokemon, one big fight in the hallway. Was this against the rules, or self-defense? Either way, this fight was intense. Haxorus seemed to be having trouble with that blue Pokemon, but it waas holding it's ground. A few kids came along to witness the scene unravel. What could I do? Just watch I guess, but I couldn't just stand there. I saw Mark having Snype out just in case Valorie needed help. I had Mistress out already.

I stood by Valorie from a safe distance & looked at Mistress. "The moment things don't look right," I stated, "I want you to jump in!" Mistress nodded & looked carefully at the two Pokemon battling. I see Ruby joined me here. The more the merrier!

What was this boy's problem anyway? Why was he battling with Valorie, in the hallway? That Zorua still peaked an interest in me, but that could wait. I already had a bad feeling about this boy. I could read it in his face.

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