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Brown Matthews

He chuckled at the thought of a drunk Kiara. Personally, he hadn't been there to see it but he had heard stories. None of which he ever bought, each telling differed on so many levels. Most of them made little to no sense, unless of course Kiara was a real lightweight. But in all, it was hard to imagine someone like Kiara acting in such a way without the help of those ridiculous stories. If he kept at it, he'd probably give himself a migraine.

The grass rubbed against the sides of his thighs, giving him an itching sensation. He didn't like it, Brown pushed himself up, scratching a bit here and there. "I'm kinda just passing time. Thought I'd come down here and shoot at some moving targets but iunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Reaching back, Brown tugged on his crossbow, sliding it off the strap. He came to a sudden realization as soon as he laid eyes on the weapon. "And I suppose I thought it'd be a fantastic idea to practice without ammunition."

A nice ole' palm to the face was due and delivered. Man, was he out of sorts today, he'd already forgotten his shoes earlier today on the way out, and now ammo for his crossbow. You'd think a demigod or at least Brown wouldn't be so uncharacteristically forgetful. Brown sighed, sliding the crossbow back into his strap. For some reason the strap tightened against the center of his chest. He rubbed his face, "I need a drink..."

Of course, this meant hauling ass back to the pavilion, but he needed to get his hands on another goblet. With his hands now buried in his pockets, Brown depressingly trudged himself down to the pavilion without waving goodbye to the Poseidon children. Another drink would do him good, at least he hoped it would.

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