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First I'll say that Bronzong, being slow, may not necessarily be ideal for a suicide lead due to its susceptibility to taunt. With the moveset you list, if it's taunted, it'll be forced to switch out or explode.

Nevertheless, I'll give you a quick primer on IVs and EVs. IVs are "individual values," and they are like "innate ability." In other words, they're set when a pokemon is either met in the wild or hatched from an egg. They range from 0-31, and at level 100, a pokemon with a 0 in an IV will have 31 fewer points in that stat than will a pokemon with an IV of 31. So at level 100, it's a 1:1 relationship.

EVs are "effort values," and they're what you get through training. You get specific effort values, in addition to experience, by defeating specific pokemon; you can see what effort values certain pokemon give by looking them up on e.g. serebii. For example, defeating a Magikarp, in addition to a bit of experience, always gives the pokemon that defeated it one speed EV.

Essentially, every pokemon can have 510 EVs total, with a max of 255 in any given stat, and every 4 EVs you put in a stat adds an extra 1 point to the stat at level 100. So a pokemon at level 100 with 80 EVs in a stat will have 20 more points in that stat than would the same pokemon with 0 EVs in the stat. Notice that 252 is the most you should put in any stat despite the limit of 255, because those extra three EVs are one short of increasing the stat. So if you have, say, 252 EVs in one stat, and 252 in another, four of the remaining 6 available EVs can be put into another stat to increase it by 1 point. The remaining 2 would simply be garbage.

So, to answer your question, to get the most HP possible, you should breed until you get as high of an HP IV as possible (look up breeding guides for how to do this; you might also want to go for a desirable nature, though there isn't one that increases HP), and then battle the pokemon needed so that it gets 252 HP EVs (plus whatever others you want). You can also give it HPUp's, which add 10 HP EVs every time. (but you can only give it 10 total) Health Wings, which you can get on the bridges where you meet Ducklett (west Unova) and Swanna (east Unova) do the same thing but by 1 EV every time, though there's no limit to how many you can give. Then just level it up to level 100 and you're done.

Good luck!
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