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    Topic Answer: After the release of BW, I've used nothing but Grass-type Pokemon. I even went back to all the older generations and beat those with teams consisting of only Grass-type Pokemon. That was pretty fun so I've decided to do it again, haha. (My goal was to beat every game in every generation with Grass-type Pokemon, but I've sort of lost track of which games I've already beaten...)

    I think Grass-types are really interesting; It's not as easy to beat a game with brute force using Grass-types (though it is certainly possible). I tend to use a lot of non-damaging moves when I play with a Grass Monotype team because I feel those types of moves are overlooked/underutilized (at least they were by me). Grass-type Pokemon have some of the best designs, too! It's really hard to choose a favorite...