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    Hey there man, it's me. I agree with the Moose We Trust about a few things but the thing is that, pokemon like the pidgey family should not be replaced, u know. And yeah what u should do is go through the documents of the final version of Blaze Black and Volt White and give the pokemon those things ie if u r actually planning on doing so, but honestly I think it should be done cus the thing is like pokes like Pidgeot, Serperior and many other pokes need upgrades so that we can have a fresher and a more awesomer experience, no? And if u plan on putting Hurricane, please make sure Charizard gets it, please.

    Originally Posted by ascension7 View Post
    Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know if I need anything!
    There's a program (thenewpoketex) that lets me open all the text in the game and edit it in Notepad, and I can just do a Find+Replace for all their names. And if those cries will fit into the game (I have no knowledge on how the roms handle sound files yet), I'd like to use those. And about the fakemon, well, each Unova Pokemon is technically a fakemon in Gen 4, so I suppose I've figured out how to put them in.

    And to everyone who's played so far, and will play in the future, regarding the next release... I don't know whether to release an Alpha 2, or just wait until I get much closer to the hack's completion.

    This Alpha was only meant as a playtest for the general public to showcase all I've done with putting Unova Pokemon in the game, and more importantly, to get feedback about the slightly higher level curve to see if it's too much, or too little. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. If I do release another Alpha, it'll still be for testing purposes only, such as testing the difficulty and ironing out bugs, as all that will be changed will be the wild Pokemon and Trainer rosters, and not much else really. I'm working on implementing a new story into my hack (which will, among other things, also include a reason for the sudden appearance of non-native Unova Pokemon :o ), and this will not be in any Alpha. Any newer version after the Alphas won't be compatible with previous saves, which is why I'm hesitant to release another Alpha, lest players get really far into the game and become annoyed that they'll have to start over What do you all think?
    No need to be worried actually cus the thing is that it is only the 2nd gym. How hard would someone grind before deciding to walk to the officer. Hell I don't expect any of the pokes to reach their final form actually, so don't be hesitant. We r not extreme grinding or anything.

    I am digging this game actually, the battle sprites r just awesome. However as for the Ow's they r good but pokes like Excradill, Krookodile, Samurrot(Looking like a freaking walris) and some other pokes along with it need a change with OW sprites don't u think?