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    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Another thing Bugs me is the physical/special split available in here seeing that you have added much 4th generation stuff into it.?
    Sorry, but it's not. I found out about the physical/special patch when most of the first beta was already complete and patching it that late would result in me loosing a lot of scripts and possibly glitching the hack. The physical/special spilt WILL be in the next installment of the series which is already being worked on by Tajaros.

    Also, sorry about the lack of updates everyone. Yesterday was my birthday (Yay me! ^.^) and I have a mid-term this week (Nooooo...) but I have been editing the list of Pokemon to appear in new areas later in the game and editing a lot of NPC scripts that you'll see in towns. I've also been taking snapshots of my test playthrough of the remainder of the hack, so expect to see a post load of pics coming soon. They're nothing too special, but they will showcase a lot of places and events coming up in the next release. Don't worry, I didn't take snapshots of the best events, just some random stuff here and there. I'll be posting up the New List of Pokemon catchable in specific areas at that time as well.

    Thanks for the help and support everyone. Wish me luck on my mid-term!