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    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    hmm ok i will make it similar to this...
    and it will be possible to few the card summary screen from the card dex screen right?
    if yes the card icons are unnecessary because you can see the card types in the card summary...
    Of course it will be possible to view the card details screen from the Card Dex. I just thought the icons might make the screen look a bit less dull. There's also the possibility of including the rarity icons somewhere, and/or colouring in card names depending on their rarity.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    the usage of the keyboard i have always in mind...
    what wonders me is the screen size...
    the essentials screen is 512x384 right?
    i know it uses double size graphics but i didnt thought it have to use them...
    is it possible to show an image with the size of 276x380 (max. card size that would fit without changing card proportions) completely in the current essentials screen?
    or does it need to be half the size so the game can double it (which includes much quality loss) to show it completely?
    hope i could explain what i mean...
    Yes, Essentials has a 512x384 screen. However, it also has the option of halving this, and playing at 256x192, which means if graphics aren't made to suit this smaller size, they'll look odd when they're shrunk. I know, only a prat would play at the smaller size, but I'd still like for the screens to suit those dimensions if possible.

    You're still assuming that the card information screen will be nothing more than displaying a screen-filling image of the entire card at once. That screen's design hasn't been decided yet.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I liked your idea, having the text small provides more space! I suggest you to put the horizontal type bar as a vertical bar to a better use of this space, and, maybe, remove the pokémon level.

    I like theses icons, but do a color revamp.

    Put one pocket for each subtype and one for "All". For others, use search filters.
    The text is only that small because I ripped it straight from a screenshot of the GBC game, just for the sake of demonstration. All text will be regular size and font unless otherwise necessary. The same goes for the icons. I'm bad at creating graphics.

    The pocket icons in the Library only just fit horizontally. They probably won't fit vertically, and even if they did, they would take up valuable horizontal space which could be used for displaying long card names (I'd like to know what the longest card name is).

    You don't seem to understand how pockets work. The pockets physically exist, with cards physically inside each of them; they're not a filter on one big list of cards. A particular card cannot appear in multiple pockets. I don't even think there's any need at all for an "All cards" pocket.
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