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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    The text is only that small because I ripped it straight from a screenshot of the GBC game, just for the sake of demonstration. All text will be regular size and font unless otherwise necessary. The same goes for the icons. I'm bad at creating graphics.

    The pocket icons in the Library only just fit horizontally. They probably won't fit vertically, and even if they did, they would take up valuable horizontal space which could be used for displaying long card names (I'd like to know what the longest card name is).
    If the longest card have a great name (like more than 40 characters), consider putting "..." in some card names that have more that 20-30 characters, with full name restricted to card details.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    You don't seem to understand how pockets work. The pockets physically exist, with cards physically inside each of them; they're not a filter on one big list of cards. A particular card cannot appear in multiple pockets. I don't even think there's any need at all for an "All cards" pocket.
    I know this, but if you have only type filters (yes, I know that this is an example), this have the same effect. Please note that is very easy to get lost with a huge number of cards, several filters are necessary.