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Originally Posted by joeyhuab View Post
Hi guys! My name's Joey Pokemon fan since 2006. I've been hearing Pokemon way before that year, but that's the year I got my first Game Boy which was the blue/indigo/purple GBA.

Since then, I've finished games like Sapphire, Fire Red, Ruby, Emerald and the last one, Leaf Green. I traded all my pokemon to my LG version due to my other games usually getting corrupted/deleted.

I played until 2010, which was my 3rd year in High School. It became kinda childish for us teens so I decided to stop playing. During this hiatus, I deeply missed the feeling of playing.

2012 came, I'm a sophomore in College, and once again, I became deeply attached to the Pokemon World. I started to search for ROM Hacks, which reminded me of games like Shiny Gold and Naranja. Currently, I've finished the live beta version of Liquid Crystal, beat Misty in AshGray, in the Goldenrod Underground in CrystalDust, and at the Magma building in Charpos Island in Flora Sky. Hope to progress more in games as well as here in the forums! Glad to meet everyone!

P.S. - I'm also an avid wrestling fan, always updated. CM Punk's the BEST IN THE WORLD!
Hi Joey, welcome to PC.

I am Hikari, 19-soon-to-be-20, Australian female who loves memes, jokes, comedic stuff and of course Pokemon!

I have been a fan since 1999 and I have been playing the main series games since 2003, and my fave Pokemon (looking at my profile) is Oshawott.

Unfortunately, I suck at hacking but at least Mid's directed you so that's fine.

If you ever need to talk to someone funny, feel free to VM me on my profile. I'm also open for a friend request.

Have a fun time and I'll see ya!

- Hikari10
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