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    'Hey. I've got your hat.' said the very familiar voice.

    'Oh hey! Your Seth from before, right?' Lucas exclaimed as the picture began to focus Seth's face better and also noticing his hat in the picture. 'Oh my God! You got my hat! Thank y-.'

    'Hey! How about you come join our race? We're in the forest. Hold on, I'll send the directions to you...'

    Lucas looks down at Aipom who looks interested about the race. 'Should we take part Aipom?' Aipom nods and starts shaking his leg with his huge hand. 'Okay, okay, we'll take part Aipom! We'll get to make some cool friends!'

    'Okay, just follow these directions and you'll be here in no time.'

    'Okay thanks! See you in a bit!' the watch's screen went blank. He strapped it to his wrist and took Aipom on his shoulder. Lucas ran out of the door as Aipom closed it as he began making his way outside of the Dorm.

    Once he got out side, Lucas and Aipom began exploring the campus abit before actually heading to the forest. It was huge! Just exploring a little bit gave him chills. He noticed trainers running off into another dorm. They mentioned a Pokemon battle in the halls, between a Haxorus and Swampert. Lucas gulped and grew quite hesitant to try and explore. He just turned to the forest in which Seth told him to go to.
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