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Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post
Bloodex!! :D Let us all congratulate him on four years of putting up with PokéCommunity's nonsense and whatnot.

I would've done this earlier but I forgot I'm so sorry I'm terrible.

Congratulations, Dipu! Stay longer or something.

You have Oreos in your profile so here:

Sorry I took a bite I was hungry
Haha, I'll try to stay a bit longer, Mike! [s]And don't worry!/s]

You take a bite outta my present? Oh you <3

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Hey Dipu, congrats on 4 years at PC!

You are such a friendly dude who is easygoing and fun to chat with.

Enjoy your anniversary while it lasts!

- Hikari10
Thanks Nichole!

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Congrats on four years, Dipu~! That's certainly a long time, so stick around for four more, yes? :D I've only known you for a short while but you're a very nice and approachable person. n__n
Stick around for 8 years? Jeez, that's gonna be something I should work towards. Thank you Janna!

Originally Posted by Minzy View Post
Erk, four years? GET A LIFE!

Just kidding - glad you've been here so long, and to another good four years! <3
Pathetic, isn't it?

I'll try my best, thanks Minzy!
he did it, not me.
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