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    Originally Posted by TheAgentBrandon View Post
    First off I need to say something that I think you were completely wrong about saying ESPECIALLY on a Pokemon fan site when you had said Pokemon isn't fun anymore. You gotta think about what you say dude, no, no one will find it offensive but you will have A LOT of disagreements on your hands.
    Second off I don't recommend you ONLY use your Computer Science class as a way to learn how to program. I'm not in a programming class but when I first got RPG Maker XP I'd go straight on my computer after school and look up tutorials and I would use a lot of my free time (When I wasn't doing homework) doing this. Yes it felt like more and more school having to learn all of the stuff but if you have the dedication for your project you will HAVE to learn it. Otherwise I feel no one will take you seriously as a leader of a project like this.
    Finally I don't think you should rely on a HUGE team. I think having up to 1-3 people helping you out is enough. One managing all of these people will stress you out and two just like you they have personal lives they need to deal with and they WILL choose them over your project. In my opinion no one will be more passionate about the project then the leader, so use your enthusiasm for the project by learning how to make the game instead of using it to find people to help you out.
    P.S: This is by no means a bad project. It's a good idea but I feel this won't be completed if you don't know much about game development besides making stories.
    P.S.S: If you plan to be the one who does the storyline at least try to have decent grammar. I've seen a lot of misspells in your posts and they make me have trouble taking you seriously. The same thing will happen when someone reads the storyline.
    That's all I have to say, good luck with the project and if you need to put it on hiatus until you learn how to develop then by all means, do that. Good luck and I wish you the best.

    Thank you so much for you all for been really supportive for me since I really know that this really isn't going to be easy for me to do something of this magnitude....

    So to reply to your questions,the idea to have a huge team is that I looked at the game development teams and saw that they usually had really large teams of 20 to 50 people working on the video game projects but then I looked again at the beginning of when they as a company started making games and your right! They usually had teams of 3-5 people working on the famous games that we know and grew up with...

    I don't by any means want this to be better then the main series games but something that gives Pokemon fans more control of their Pokemon in battle like the Pokemon anime as this quote says from Bulbapedia...

    "In the anime, the progression of battle is slightly different. An expansion on the games' concept, the anime's battles are more free-flowing than those in the games, with opposing Trainers being able to block and evade moves in different and more creative ways than the games allow for, invent their own moves as combinations of other moves, and so on. Several concepts that later became standard in the games were developed in the anime, such as the Lightningrod Ability and Double Battles."

    Also to relation to the story writing,yea...My spelling skills are kind of bad and I really wish I could show you the link to the the beta short preview of the story,the story being on Bulbapedia forums just type but I need to get to 15 post which im almost there which I will show you alot more stuff on this
    "Pokemon Battle Network Flame & Grass Edition Fan Game Beta Fanfic"

    In the forum search type in the words that I have in bold and you will find it.

    And to answer your question @pokefangames, As @NikNaks put it and he's right,I really don't know that much in programming but I did some research and im seeing that C++ might be a option but im not even close to the part that we could start programming so perhaps,could I ask you to wait

    *sighs*Ok,My role in this project is the "Game Designer" as the Wiki puts it which explanes it perfectly my role in this project


    Further information: Game design
    A game designer is a person who designs gameplay, conceiving and designing the rules and structure of a game. Development teams usually have a lead designer who coordinates the work of other designers. They are the main visionary of the game. One of the roles of a designer is being a writer, often employed part-time to conceive game's narrative, dialogue, commentary, cutscene narrative, journals, video game packaging content, hint system, etc. In larger projects, there are often separate designers for various parts of the game, such as, game mechanics, user interface, characters, dialogue, etc."
    (I will techinally be the "Lead Game Designer")

    Again,everyone thank you sooo much on your input...I really will need the help to make this fun and exciting for the usuall Pokemon fan who want to find something else instead of playing the version games...

    Im sorry I only have two consept picture to show you right now but ill have more in at the end of the day...
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