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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
I agree with you 100% that authority figures bury their heads rather than actually take action towards the problem.
What actions should authority figures take? Kids dress how they do because those are the clothes that are for sale in stores. Sure, there are still options, but when you're presented with clothing that is specifically targeted at these kids it makes it seem normal. And maybe it should be seen as normal. It's not hurting anyone how they dress, right?

With phones and technology that's just how things are these days. Lots of us had Gameboys/DS's/etc when we were 10 or around that age. Phones and ipods are a lot like that when you think about it. Yeah, they can access the internet, and that is a big difference, but the internet is here to stay and you can't just block kids from it. That's not really a good thing for authority figures to try. No, the best thing authority figures can do is accept what isn't harmful and teach kids how to be safe from facebook bullies and things like that.
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