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Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
I was never arguing with anyone. I was taking part in the debate over which Pokemon (Mew or Arceus) has the most evidence to back up its claim of being the first Pokemon. As in any debate, I will promote my own theory and question those that don't make sense to me.

If you feel there are holes in my theory, please point them out so that I may address them and correct them if needed.
There was nothing that didn't make sense. I guess the first movie is wrong then? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they said that Mew is the ancestor of Pokemon and they created Mewtwo with it's DNA so that means it has DNA of other Pokemon as well. I still think Mew created Arceus regardless of what you or anyone else says, and I think Arceus created the universe. Mew's purpose was to create Pokemon and it did, it created Arceus to create the universe. Then the 3 main legendary's in Gen IV were created with the universe for some reason which I do not know. Once Arceus was done creating the universe Mew then proceeded to create Pokemon. When I said it sends a signal to Mew saying what the next Pokemon's gonna do I didn't literally mean it sent a signal. Mew created the Pokemon so I'm pretty sure Mew knows everything about that Pokemon whethere it be Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Zapdos, Dragonite, etc, Mew knows it's strengths and weaknesses, moves, gender, everything; because he created them. That's what I think.