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    Originally Posted by Mochaccino View Post
    Thanks for letting me be part of the club boss! I'm burning to answer the topics and get more involved in here

    As for the current topic:

    I do believe that both are one of the best moves that any fire type (or some none fire type pokes) should have in their move-set, Flamethrower is a sharp, tough strike! with 95 power + the 50% STAB force it certainly is a deadly force

    However, we can't over look Fire Blast, compared to Blizzard and Thunder which both have 70 accuracy, Fire Blast gives Fire pokes a great advantage in using this super-powered move! nevertheless, if the accuracy isn't good enough for you you can still make your pokemon hold "Wide Lens", I understand that this might not be optimal for competitive use, but hey at least you get 95% accurate hit with 120+ power!
    No worries! Feel free to call me Umbr30n.

    On the Current Topic: I agree that Flamethrower is a good, strong move. But also, there is one main ability that helps Fire-Type starters (Also the Pansage line) with Fire-Type moves... Blaze. The awesome Ability that powers up Fire-Type moves a lot when HP is down low. Stack that with STAB and the Flame/Fire Plate, and you get... Awesomeness. Use this Flamethrower/Fire Blast against a Dry Skin Paras or Parasect, and you would get 5x damage, stacking with all of that, so the Base Power would probably be even higher than 200! But everyone has different strategies...

    I have used both moves before in my Pokemon Game. I had pretty much kept on having Typhlosion use Flamethrower until I got Fire Blast, which was one of my favourite Fire-Type moves today, tied with Flamethrower, but Fire Blast was just a bit better in my opinion. Flamethrower did help me a lot, and my Charizard still knows it, but more of my Pokemon know Fire Blast. Flamethrower had a lot of uses, and both are moves that I would recommend for Fire-Type fans.