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Here I am, a few miles outside Viridian City, on the way to Victory Road. We're taking a quick break. I'm lolling around a grassy mound with Raichu, Arbok and Golduck nearby, tackling and wrestling each other. Is that a mud puddle? Oh no. I lean back and close my eyes. Whatever happens, we'll deal with it later. That was a delicous lunch...

It's been a long two years traveling around Kanto, battling for badges and seeing the sights. I've just defeated the Viridian Gym leader not long ago. That was a tough battle, poor Phanpy and Tangela are still resting at the Pokemon Center. I left Seadra there too, since we're gonna be in the field rather than anywhere near water. Leren lives nearby the Center. Once the others have recovered, he'll bring them to Professor Oak. Hmm. Did I forget something? That nagging feeling...

I smell moisture in the air. That's odd. Was it supposed to rain? I sit up, looking at the sky. It's getting dark, and those are some mighty ominous thunderclouds. As I call the others to return to me, something red flashes by me, moving fast enough to rustle my clothes.

Entei. A legendary beast. I see it staring at me and the trio, ready to flee or fight. Shoot! I wasn't planning on capturing any pokemon, so I hadn't yet restocked my inventory! In fact, the first aid kit is getting mighty lean...nevermind that. Oh. The nagging feeling. Whoops. 5 Ultra Balls. Hmm.

Entei chooses to flee, but Raichu blocks it. Good on her! Arbok and Golduck take their places, surrounding Entei. Entei roars, sending a shockwave through the air! He chooses to charge Raichu, hoping to break through the circle and escape or fight. Good move, either way. More position to move. The others shout their battle cries and Golduck lets loose a Bubblebeam, cutting off Entei's charge.

"Raichu, Thunder Wave!" While Entei was distracted by the Bubblebeam, Raichu manages to paralyze Entei before it was able to react. I toss an Ultra Ball at it, but Entei roars again, and knocks the ball out of the way. Well, it was worth a shot. I had better tire it out.

"Arbok, Acid!" Arbok shoots a stream of sludge at Entei but Entei jumps out of the way. So much for the paralysis. It uses ExtremeSpeed, once again hoping to charge through the circle. As he nearly rams into Golduck, Golduck leaps and manages to lands onto his back.

"Bubblebeam!" He lands a direct hit on Entei, but it doesn't seem to slow it down. It thrashes around, eventually dislodging Golduck from his back. It fires a Flamethrower at Golduck before he recovers. Ouch! Golduck takes a good deal of damage. Is that a burn? I call him back, not willing to let his injuries get worse.

"Arbok, Glare!" Entei flinches a bit at Arbok's menacing stare, as Raichu lets loose a Thunderbolt. It strikes hard, knocking Entei to the ground. I toss another ball at it, hoping that this is enough.

Smack, bounce, bounce, roll. Eh? Oh, right... I forgot to get the ball repaired. As I scramble to get another Ultra Ball ready, Entei stands and lets loose another battle cry. Oh dear, it's REALLY mad now. He lets loose a Fire Blast at Raichu. She panicks and drops onto the ground. Lucky for her, the blast flies above her. Unlucky for her, the edge of her tail gets singed. Huh, she looks like kinda like a Magikarp, flailing like that. I turn my attention back to Entei.

Entei is trying to Bite Arbok, but Arbok isn't having it. He's got himself wrapped around one of Entei's legs and on its neck, trying to push those sharp fangs away from him.

"Arbok! Acid Spray!" Arbok manages to score a direct hit on Entei's face. Entei staggers away while Arbok retreats to a safer distance. Hm, will it work this time? I toss another Ultra Ball at it. Entei is captured, but manages to break free. Darn! Two Ultra Balls left. Raichu finally recovers, looking angrier than ever.

"RAI!" Raichu yells, letting loose another Thunderbolt directly at Entei. Entei dodges, but now Arbok is in the way! Arbok ducks, managing to avoid getting hit. Entei lands on his feet but collapses. Raichu unleashes a Quick Attack, running towards Entei. She manages to tackle him in the shoulder, knocking Entei onto his side.

I toss another Ultra Ball at it, hoping that it'll work this time.

Shake. I hold my breath.


It stops shaking.

"Yay!" I run towards the Ultra Ball and pick it up. The Entei is mine! Arbok and Raichu collapses onto the ground in exhaustion. The sky is clearing. Good. I walk over to Raichu and pick her up, carrying her over to Arbok. After I place Raichu on the ground, I pull out what's left of my first aid kit and call out both Entei and Golduck, getting my stuff ready to tend to injuries. Entei is being aloof, turning its back towards me. Oh well, it'll get used to hanging around the gang. Hopefully.

After tending to their injuries, I let all 4 wander loose, warning them to stay nearby. Time to relax.

...what's that rustling sound? I sit up and look around. An Eevee pops its head out from a clump of tall grass. I turn my head towards my team. They're all sleeping. I look at my remaining Ultra Ball. Where'd that huge crack come from? Oh dear.
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