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    I'm in!

    Username: Inkblots
    Single or Ultimate: Single
    Game: Silver
    Monotype: Fire
    Team (currently): Quilava, Vulpix, Magmar

    Day 1
    - Got Cyndaquil, delivered egg, beat rival, blah blah blah
    - Explored Ruins of Alph
    - Beat Falkner (badge 1)
    - Cyndaquil evolved to Quilava
    - Got Flash from the Elder in Sprout Tower
    - Got egg from Elm's assistant
    - Head through Union Cave, which I thought would be difficult considering it's all Rock types, but was surprisingly easy
    - Rescued the slowpoke from Team Rocket
    - Beat Bugsy (badge 2)
    - Beat Rival
    - Rounded up the Farfetch'd that ran away from Charcoal Guy's apprentice
    - Taught Cut to Quilava so I can get through Ilex Forest
    - Egg hatched into Togepi, which I took to Elm
    - Dumped Togepi in the first PC I came to after showing it to Elm.
    - Got to Goldenrod City.
    - Checked out the prizes at the Game Corner, but couldn't see them because I don't have a coin case, so went to the Underground shops.

    Quilava: lvl 27. Tackle/Cut/Smokescreen/Ember

    Day 2
    - Found the coin case and beat all the trainers in the underground shop. Proceeded to forget that the whole reason I was looking for the coin case was to see if there were any worthwhile prizes.
    - Beat Whitney (3rd badge). Was doing awesome against all the trainers and her until Miltank, at which point I only won because of a critical hit.
    - Got the bike, radio card, and squirt bottle
    - Delivered a spearow carrying mail to a guy on route 31
    - Beat Sudowoodo
    - Finally encountered another fire pokemon: Vulpix! But it used roar and scared Quilava away
    - Entered a bug catching contest. Didn't even place. Dumped Weedle in the PC.
    - Beat all the trainers in National Park
    - Looked for Vulpix again. Knocked out the first one, but caught the second one.
    - Beat the trainers on Route 35
    - Got to Ecruteak City
    - Beat the Kimono Girls
    - Beat Morty (badge 4)
    - Taught Rock Smash to Quilava so I could get through Burned Tower
    - Beat Rival, and all the other trainers, in Burned Tower.
    - Catch Magmar after FIVE FREAKING TRIES. Wasted so many pokeballs...

    Quilava: lvl 35. Tackle/Cut/Flame Wheel/Rock Smash
    Vulpix: lvl 25. Ember/Confuse Ray/Quick Attack/Roar
    Magmar: lvl 14. Ember/Leer/Smog/Fire Punch

    Day 3
    - Ended up in Olivine city.
    - Got Strength. Taught it to Magmar.
    - Got a fishing rod. Caught Magikarp, then realized it couldn't learn surf, so boxed it. Caught Krabby and taught it to surf instead.
    - Got to the top of the lighthouse where Jasmine asks me to help her with a sick pokemon, but it seems I can't actually go any farther with this yet.
    - Off to Rage Lake then
    - Quilava evolves into Typhlosion on the way
    - Caught the shiny Gyarados (which is way less special when it's guaranteed to be shiny, but whatever), taught it surf and boxed Krabby (because let's face it, Gyarados is way cooler than Krabby)
    - Talk to lance, and find Rocket's underground hideout.
    - Got through the first floor

    Typhlosion: lvl 36. Tackle/Cut/Flame Wheel/Rock Smash
    Vulpix: lvl 27. Ember/Confuse Ray/Quick Attack/Roar
    Magmar: lvl 28. Ember/Strength/Smog/Fire Punch