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Welcome to the three of you :3! I'll make sure to add you ASAP :D. I totally agree with you ShinyUmbreon, Ghost-types are one cool type,definitely. Haha I liked Gengar for a while, then I read the Pokedex Data and got totally freaked out. But still an awesome,powerful Pokemon.

Hey White Arcanine, nice to see ya around xD. Are you sure you want only Gastly, or do you want the cute Duskull along with your partners as well. Just tell me and I'll add the second partner later, if you choose to :3. Duskull is pretty cute and really defensive, so it's a decent Pokemon.

Dragon Jackel, I'll let you have a Shiny Giratina and the Golurk but you seemed to have forgot two things in your sign up list. Why did you join and answering the current topic. I'll let it slide this time but just remember next time kay :3?I couldn't find a shiny sprite so I put shiny in brackets for now. Is that OK with you :3?
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