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Here's Update 2 in RK9's Big Adventure. Loads of things happened and we took a good rest at Valley Windworks

Thursday 27th September 2012
Aah hey diary. Sorry I haven't updated lately, exploring the places in Sinnoh without my mum nagging me has been great! Before I made it to Oreburgh, I found this small,plump,yellow duck with three black hairs sticking out. I thought it looked pretty cool and caught the Pokemon called Psyduck. I decided to nickname my newest team member,Daffy!Oh before I forget,some hiker gave me this HM called Rock Smash. The only problem is you can't forget it, so I might catch a Pokemon just for that purpose.

Daffy in the beginning to be honest was pretty hard to train. So deciding to take a break I entered Oreburgh. This young kid noticed me as I walked in and dragged me all the way to the gym. Ouch! He's way too strong. He walked off saying good luck and then pointed out there was someone standing in front of the gym.

Barry?! He grinned as I appeared."Slowpoke as always RK9. You took way too long, the gym leader's long gone by now." he said.

"Where did he go?" I asked curiously.

Barry smiled."The Oreburgh Mine, it's pretty dark in there. Are you ready to find him?" he asked.

I nodded but before I headed in, something hit my mind. North of Oreburgh was a small route with Pokemon Daffy could easily handle. So off I went, training Daffy and Basil. While battling,Basil became Lv.17 and Daffy Lv.15.

Happily, I headed down to the small mine. Water slowly dripped from the ceiling, some miners were there chopping away at the rugged walls. There were swarms of Zubats and other creatures around so I cautiously walked.

Eventually I found this man standing in between two rugged rocks. "Hey there! Now watch this..." he said.

In a moment one of the rocks were smashed."Using Rock Smash gets these annoying rocks out of the way. To use it though,you'll have to beat the gym leader. Which would be me,Roark!" he announced proudly.

Then he walked off whistling. I felt excitement rushing up inside me so I automatically dashed to the gym. Inside I battled these weak rock-type trainers easily annilating them with Water Guns and Razor Leaf.

Roark was easy too. I somehow managed to OHKO all his Pokemon. And little Basil evolved,YES! After receiving the Coal Badge and TM76 Stealth Rock I headed out. Well I'm a bit tired now too be honest diary, so I'll continue the story tomorrow.


Current Team:

Basil the Rash Grotle Lv18.
-Razor Leaf
Daffy the Psyduck Lv16
-Water Gun
-Tail Whip
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