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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
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    theyre deffinately gonna make one. they came out with a remake of FRLG when the RSE came out. (gen 1) then they came out with a remake of HGSS right before BW (gen 2) so you see the pattern? (they make a remake after every new game.) so theyre deffinately going to make one after B2W2.
    XD As stated by others, 2 does not make a pattern. Also Gens 1 and 2 needed remaking because both games were not able to connect to the other games, which Gen 3 still can right now.

    We don't know if they plan on continue remaking games after Masuda's last interview where he admitted that they didn't plan any patterns, the games just came out that way. We believe or hope that they will. That's pretty much all we have to hold onto.
    No the pattern was that they made a remake after every new game. I think they are making remakes to bring back classics for more fun. Everyone likes the older games.

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