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Originally Posted by redjacketalchemist View Post
Username: redjacketalchemist
Level: Advanced
Opponent: NPC

Character Details
Trainer Name: Isaac
Personality: A very no-nonsense type of guy, which makes him seem a bit cold, especially toward his Pokemon. Despite that, he's really a nice guy- he just has a tendency to take things a bit too serious.
Appearance: Isaac stands at an average 5'8, a bit on the thin side. He has messy black hair and green eyes, and wears glasses.
Pokemon: Quagsire- Earthquake, Ice Beam, Protect, Muddy Water/ Houndoom- Crunch, Flamethrower, Swagger, Foul Play

Also interested in Legendary Encounter. Didn't fill out the outline for that since it said not to if you enter both, so I assume I'll be using the same character (with different Pokemon, of course)?
Yeah. You can use the same character & character details for the Encounter, but I will give you the three Pokemon for you to get started. Once I PM you the three random Pokemon, you may go ahead and begin. For battle you may begin as you wish.

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