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    I've been playing around with an idea for a while and I'd love some feedback.

    A wild SUMMARY has appeared!

    Sasha, a lonely little street rat with a talent for stealing things, is picked up by Team Rocket and trained. Years later, Red destroys Team Rocket and sends Giovanni into hiding, leading the police force to capture and imprison many Rockets, including Sasha. Playing nice with the other kids gets her out on good behavior after two and a half years - but it also gets her a cranky parole officer that she has to report to constantly. When news of Rocket's resurgence reaches her, Sasha leaves Saffron to go find out what her old teammates are up to, and ultimately goes on a quest to get revenge on Red, who has recently secluded himself on Mt. Silver, for landing her in jail - and to teach him some lessons about how the real world works while she's at it.

    Thoughts? Comments? Anything that needs to be brutally torn apart and burned?
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