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    Eevee Name: Moonlight
    Why you like Eevee: It can evolve into 7 different types of Pokemon (referred as Eeveelutions), making it the Pokemon with the most evolved forms. Among the Eeveelutions is my FAVOURITE Pokemon: Umbreon. I have a collection of all the Eeveelutions and eevees in game.

    Into the Topic: Here is the strategy I use in Pokemon Black:
    - Attract: If you get lucky and your enemy is the opposite gender, hit him/her with an attract to reduce chances of getting hit.
    - Confuse Ray: Always good to have a second resource! Hit your for with confuse ray while he/she is attracted, reducing hit chances even more.
    - Toxic: Now that your target is confused and attracted, it's always good to take an extra advantage and poison him/her!
    - Dark Pulse: If you can't poison the foe, this move will turn out useful.