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    This is a [unfinished] story about a 10 year old girl who's a bit...diferrent.

    Name: Spectra
    Age: 10
    Pokemon: Misdreavus, Riolu, Houndour, Ralts, Giratina (Don't'll find out later.)
    I...I'm just... depressed. A-all these negative auras, they're getting to me, as always... I guess...I like ghosts and I can sense auras...Leave me alone, p-please...
    (Well, she doesn't want to talk, you'll find out more.)

    Spectra was absorbing the auras in the Celestial Tower. She knew that there's been many more Pokemon resting places in other regions, but she's become attached to this tower. "Riolu... Do you feel it? Despair, dread, loss...I'm feeling faint..." she muttered "Riiooo..." Riolu agreed. Spectra's Misdreavus defiantly found a way out of it's Pokeball. "Mis! Mis!" the Pokemon complained. Aparrently, it wanted to stay a while longer. "No... It's too depressing. I have to get out, and that means you, too, Missy." she countered. "Miiiis..." the Pokemon grumbled. "Misdreavus, return." The pokemon turend a trasparent red, then returned to its Pokeball. Riolu suddenly darted out the tower. "Hunh? Riolu! Wait!" Spectra exclaimed, rushing after her partner Pokemon.

    When they got outside, a terrible thunderstorm, along with racking winds, were practically destroying the area, the feirce wind ripping the walking boards from the tall grass. When they looked up, two fearsome Pokemon were battling. "Oh, wow!" Spectra gasped. "Riiii..!" Riolu looked up in wonder. "I wish there was some way to meet them... But it seems we are underleveled." Spectra said sadly, observing their powerful attacks and fearsome battle cries. These Pokemon were the destructive Pokemon Tornadus and Thundurus, the Pokemon of tornadoes and thunderstorms. "There's some way we can get their attention, or better yet, stop them." she said, thinking of how to stop them from destroying half of the Unova region. "We may be able to get information, so less talking, more running, Pokemon!" she yelled. They ran through the extremely tall grass, getting small cuts and itches. They eventually came to a small shelter near Twist Mountain. Spectra knocked on the door. "Come in! It is much too dangerous out there!" a voice said, so they went in. "Ah, ah. So, I suspect you want to know about the storm, do you?" an old woman said. "Here, have some chunky veggie soup. It's very good." she offered. "Yes, thank you." Spectra replied. "May Riolu have some? She's tired." she added. "But of course," the old woman said, and got two bowls from the cabinent and filled them with chunky soup, "One for you, and one for your Riolu. Such a cute Pokemon!" the old woman continued.

    Tired, I shall continue.
    Feed this Pokemon a berry or suffer from guilt. >:3
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